Fair Shot: Rethinking Inequality and How We Earn, Chris Hughes


FEB 2018

St. Martin’s Press

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes makes the case that one percenters like him should pay their fortune forward in a radically simple way: a guaranteed income for working people.

Advance Praise

“If we are to be true to the principles of our nation’s founding, opportunity cannot be solely the province of the wealthy and well-connected. Yet the promise that if you work hard you can get ahead is broken for millions of Americans. As we strive to build a fairer, more inclusive country, Fair Shot is a very important read. These ideas must be part of the conversation as we consider how best to ensure the American Dream is available to all.”

Senator Cory Booker

“The American Dream is slipping away — too many people are working too hard and they’re still sinking, not even able to cover the basic costs of living. Fair Shot offers a new tool for economic mobility: a guaranteed income to all working people – even those whose work hasn’t been recognized or compensated with income before.”

Arianna Huffington

“America was never a meritocracy, but the belief that it was fueled the American Dream and maintained social peace. Now the gig is up. Massive wealth is in the hands of a small number of people lucky enough to have been at the right places and times to grab it, while most Americans are going nowhere and can’t even rely on a steady income.”

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Bob Reich, Former Secretary of Labor

“A guaranteed income would stabilize erratic financial lives and give people extra cash to invest in themselves and their families.”

Chris Hughes

About Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes is the co-founder of the Economic Security Project, a network of policymakers, academics, and technologists working to end poverty and rebuild the middle class through a guaranteed income. He co-founded Facebook as a student at Harvard and later led Barack Obama’s digital organizing campaign for President. Hughes was the owner and publisher of The New Republic magazine from 2012 to 2016.

Chris Hughes

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